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University of Tsukuba is one of the top research-intensive universities and the oldest higher educations in Japan. The history dates back to the Normal School, founded in 1872 and chartered in 1886. With the campus relocation in 1973, Tsukuba has transformed itself into an interdisciplinary, transborder and open university for all. Today, Tsukuba is known as a home for students, a hub for researchers, a field for athletes, and an incubator for entrepreneurs.

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Since 2016, TEDxUTsukuba has been an independently-organized TEDx community in the University of Tsukuba. We are made up of a diverse group of students and alumni with curiosity and advocacy. As the theme for the 2020 event "JIJIMUGE" represents the spirit of perceiving a complex world as it is, we aim to be a catalyst for change by spreading out diverse values and inspiring ideas.

Social Capital

Our motto "Social Capital" refers to the idea that each and every one of our members deserves respect and mutual trust enhances the cohesion of the organization. The challenges we face today is so complicated that we need to build solidarity across our difference. At the University of Tsukuba, people from a variety of disciplines come together on one campus to study, research, and work. In this diverse community, we aim to be a bridge that connects people through ideas worth spreading.


Managed by passionate volunteers, TEDxUTsukuba have been delivering mind-blowing event experience for a decade.


Kazuki Ikegaya

Head of Production

From Aichi

College College of Knowledge and Library Sciences


Fukutaro Kawai

Curator, Talk & Performace Producer

From Saitama

College College of Social Sciences


Masato Kai


From Tokyo, Japan

College College of Engineering Sciences


Craig Allen Coleman

TEDxTsukuba Co-organizer

From Tennessee, United States


Seika Takahashi

Head of Talk & Performance Production

From Tokyo

College College of Humanities


Nanari Wada

Head of Partnership

From Ibaraki

College College of Policy and Planning Sciences


Ryosuke Saito

From Yamagata

College College of Biological Sciences


Eri Sasago

From Tokyo / Hong Kong / New York

College College of International Studies



From Kanagawa


Each team has a number of unique expertise and experience.

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Every spring, we hold "Shinkan" welcome events. These events are mainly for new students but anyone can join. Stay tuned on our social media.

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Our Response to COVID-19

To protect the health and safety of our community, we are following the guidelines from university officials alongside with local authorities.


Spread Globally, Connect Locally.

1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, 305-8577


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